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Minimum Stay Requirement:  3 nights


Check-In:  2:00 pm.

Check Out:  10:00 am. 

Late Check Out:  After 10:00 am rate charges are $60.00 till 8:00 pm.

Early Check-In:  On request.


Payment Details

A 2-night deposit is required upon confirmation of booking.  The balance is due upon arrival to your villa.  Payment can be made by providing your credit card details.


Cancelation Policy

7 Days after booking, within a minimum of 30 days prior to arrival = 100% refund.

30 Days prior to arrival = 50% refund.

Within 30 days before arrival = 0% refund.

Cancellation after arrival = 0% refund.


Flight Information

Flight details are required for all booking confirmations.

IMPORTANT – Please provide all dates and times local to the Cook Islands to avoid confusion with arrival and departure dates and times.  If you are unsure, please check with your local information centers for the correct time zone differences for the Pacific/Cook Islands.


Shuttle Transfers

Adults (12+ years) are $20.00 each way.


We recommend, that if this is your first time here in the Cook Islands, you utilize our transfer service to ensure you arrive at your villa conveniently.

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